What’s the matter with baby’s accessory breast?

In life, many women can find the existence of accessory milk under their armpits. The existence of accessory milk will not affect women’s body, but it will affect women’s clothing, so many women will try every means to solve it. Moreover, some women found that some children also had accessory breasts, which puzzled them very much. So, what’s the matter with the baby’s accessory breast?

What's the matter with baby's accessory breast?
What’s the matter with baby’s accessory breast?

Parents can see the protruding part above the child’s breast near the armpit, which is called accessory breast. The reason why children have accessory milk may be related to their family’s genetic history, that is, if parents have accessory milk on their bodies, then children are also likely to have accessory milk. Second, the baby’s accessory milk may also be formed during the embryonic period. When a child develops in the mother’s belly, the breast of the breast will continue to develop, but other parts will begin to deteriorate.
At this time, the extra breast tissue has not been assimilated, but will remain and form accessory milk after the child is born. It’s just that the residual breast tissue is invisible to parents at first. Only when the children reach puberty after the age of five or six will they discover that there are accessory breasts near their armpits. In addition, the presence of accessory milk near the armpit of a child may also be caused by improper clothing or unhealthy diet.
Children often eat high-calorie and high-hormone foods, which will lead to a rapid increase in body fat, resulting in the formation of accessory milk. Moreover, children often wear tights, which tend to accumulate body fat in a certain place. As time passes, there are obvious protrusions in that place, which is not conducive to dressing later. Therefore, parents should have a correct understanding of their children’s diet and clothing so that children can eat and wear well. In addition, parents need not worry about the appearance of accessory milk, which will not harm children’s health.


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