preschool bishan:Selected Works of Summer Fun Parent-child Games

preschool bishan:Selected Works of Summer Fun Parent-child Games

1. Swing How to play: Dad puts his arms around the baby from behind, lifts him up, and swings back and forth rhythmically, just like swinging. While shaking, teach the baby to count, once, twice, three times …

Baby’s harvest: Dad’s hands are so strong, it feels like flying!

Dad’s harvest: The amount of exercise is a bit heavy, and the arm is a bit sour after playing too much, but when you see the baby happy, you should persist even if you are tired.

preschool bishan:Selected Works of Summer Fun Parent-child Games
preschool bishan:Selected Works of Summer Fun Parent-child Games

2. Obstacles How to play: When the baby walks, Dad deliberately blocks the way and prevents the baby from walking. Not only will the baby not be angry, but he will also be happy and try to bypass his father. At this time, Dad can catch the baby, hold it for a while, and then release it. Of course, Dad should let go once in a while to make him feel fulfilled.

Baby’s Harvest: Strange, why didn’t Dad let me go? When you play with dad, something new always happens!

Dad’s harvest: The little guy stumbled and dodged clumsily, which was so cute!

3. seesaw How to play: Dad sits on a bed or chair with his legs straight forward. Mother conveniently put the baby on Dad’s lap, and let the baby’s face face forward. Dad raised his legs like a seesaw, and carried the baby up and down.

Baby’s harvest: much more comfortable than the real seesaw!

Dad’s harvest: It is a good exercise to lose weight.

4. Fly How to play: Dad crouched down and Mom helped the baby ride on Dad’s shoulder. Dad grabbed the baby’s hands and said, “The plane is about to take off, and the baby is seated.” Then he stood up slowly, circled on the ground and said, “The plane has landed, baby, come down.” Mother helps the baby come down from Dad’s shoulder. If the baby is happy, repeat it several times.

Baby’s harvest: Flying to the sky, what you see is different from the usual!

Dad’s harvest: the waist, shoulders and back have been well exercised.

5. Riding a horse How to play: Dad is lying on the ground, with his knees on the ground as a big horse. Let the baby ride on his back and carry him back and forth on the ground.

Baby’s harvest: Dad has become a big horse, which is really fun!

Father’s harvest: I can climb on the ground freely like a child, and I feel like my childhood again.

Tip: At the beginning, Dad’s movements should not be too large, but should be gentle. After the baby gets used to it, increase the amplitude. Pay attention to your baby’s safety at all times to prevent your baby from sliding down from the side.

6. Playing balloons How to play: Dad hangs a balloon by hand, and the height is adjusted at any time, so that the child can reach out and jump and slap; Or throw it to him and let him kick it. Encourage with children’s songs: “play ball, kick ball, baby, play ball!”

Baby’s harvest: train baby’s jumping and agility.

Dad’s harvest: You don’t need too much effort to play with your baby while resting.

7. Climb up Dad Mountain How to play: Dad sits on the sofa and lets the baby climb on you. You can say this while playing: Climb from the foot of the mountain (Dad’s foot), climb halfway up the mountain (Dad’s waist), climb to the top of the mountain (Dad’s shoulder) … Then Dad lifts the baby up, turns around on the ground and puts it down. If the baby likes it, keep playing.

Baby’s harvest: This mountain is really steep. It takes a lot of effort to climb.

Dad’s harvest: When I got home, I just sat on the sofa and wanted to have a rest, and the baby came over. Just play this game with him and get in touch with the baby.


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