The four major reasons why children are autistic 80% of parents do not know

Autism, a word that sounds lonely and lonely, all autistic people isolate themselves from the outside world and live in their inner world. Autistic children, autistic children in many families are now facing a problem: what exactly causes children suffering from autism in today’s society with so many autistic children?
For a long time, this problem has troubled parents, teachers, doctors and, of course, the general public … Why do children have autism? How many people know the reason and secret? We have to pay attention to this problem. Why do children have autism? Why are there so many autistic children in our society?

The four major reasons why children are autistic 80% of parents do not know
The four major reasons why children are autistic 80% of parents do not know

It’s hard to imagine, but after more than ten years of retirement, I was also a student in school. At that time, there was no autism at all. We were carefree until we graduated from junior high school and high school, at least none of the children around us had autism. Then why can’t hospitals make the correct cause now?
If it is necessary to investigate the causes of autism in their children, I think it must be related to these four factors! Now let’s follow Xiaobian to unveil why children have autism.
Why do children have autism?
Why can’t we find the cause of children’s autism? Actually, it is because the exact cause of autism is still unknown, and because the cause is not clear, the root causes of autism and autism in these children are mainly due to the following four points:

I genetic reasons Studies have found that hereditary causes can lead to higher incidence of some single twins than double twins. Autism is actually autism, which means that if there is only one child in a family, the percentage of autistic children is more than 80%, while the percentage of autistic children in families with many children is only 10%.
Second, biological reasons Generally speaking, from a biological point of view, children with autism are often found in multiple causes and diseases from infancy. For example, congenital rubella, cell infection, premature infant, dystocia, birth injury, asphyxia and so on all cause children to develop later autism. Generally, when EEG is detected, the left temporal lobe angle of children has obvious enlarged lesions.
Three, biochemical reasons Dopamine and 5- hydroxytryptamine can be increased in autistic children, epinephrine and norepinephrine in plasma are increased, and neurotransmitters such as opioids are abnormal, but lack specificity. Brain tissue found abnormal migration of nerve cells in cerebellum and decreased number of Purkinje cells. Other studies have reported that autism may be related to the limbic system of the brain, amygdala and hippocampus. Other studies suggest that autism is related to the rapid growth of the brain in the first year after birth.
Family reasons As mentioned in the first point just now, genetic factors are one of the key points. In family reasons, parents fail to find a suitable method for their children’s education, thus causing children to suffer from autism. Generally speaking, parents have high educational level, introverted parents, and indifferent and stubborn education for their children. In such families, children’s general feeling is lack of love and warmth. Parents’ education of children by MoMo will indeed cause children to suffer from minor self-disorder disorders.


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