About Banyan Tree Maths

Banyan Tree Maths is an individualized learning method. We adopt 1:1 IPAD learning methodology with a small class size of 6. The class is facilitated by a very experienced school teacher.
The student has the flexibility to learn the school topics based on their individual pace. This is to encourage them to be 21st-century self-regulated learner. With the integration of learning with IPAD, the student answers the questions with pen and paper. If they have school questions, the teacher will be there to help them. They will learn to take notes.
Our multimedia content in IPAD aligns to MOE School Syllabus. We also prepare students for the mastery of heuristics, model drawing, higher order thinking and non-routine problem-solving techniques. These challenge them to an A* and an A1 in Maths.
Besides the weekly tuition, we also provide FREE 24/7 online membership platform to our students and parents to ask Math questions.

Suitable for:
Primary, Secondary E-Math, A-Math and IP Students


Boost Your Child’s Confidence
Increase Your Child’s Attention Span
Maximize Your Child’s Learning Abilities
Develop good study habits

About the Head of Mathematics Programme

Mr. Jackson Tan
More than 10 years of teaching experience in MOE, Specialist Diploma in Teaching and Learning, NIE, International Dip. for Teachers & Trainers, Cambridge University, Straight As in PSLE Maths, E-maths, A-maths, Engineering Maths, BSc. Mathematics, Postgrad MSc. Mathematics, NUS, Author of the Book “I Excel in Math, So Do You!”