Enjoy Student Care “Lion Dance” Activity in 2020

All the teachers and students jointly organized a “Lion Dance” activity where traditional culture entered the campus. All the children in our school were specially invited to participate. It is a great honor for all the children in our school to witness this wonderful visual feast.

student care center activity
student care center activity

Look, how warm the atmosphere was!  Our children, under the guidance of the teacher, watched the performance in an orderly manner. When they saw the wonderful moments, they were all very excited. During the interaction with the lion, the children could not help reaching for their hands and touching them. From their red little faces, they could see their love for traditional culture.  During the whole watching process of lion dance, the children at the scene consciously observed discipline.  At the end of the activity, the children still wanted to see it again, perhaps this is the charm of traditional culture.

This activity not only promoted the friendly exchanges of our school children, but also led everyone to feel the elegant demeanour of traditional culture!

ps: Lion dance is an excellent folk art in China. Every festival or assembly celebration, the folk all use lion dance to entertain.  Lion dance can be divided into north and south, and the south is most famous for its lion dance performances in Guangdong and Guangxi.  Lions are made of colorful cloth strips. Each lion has two performers, one dancing the head and the other dancing the tail.  Under the sound of gongs and drums, performers dressed up as lions and made various movements of lions.  In the performance process, lion dancers have to use various moves to show southern martial arts, which is very masculine.


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