kindergarten bishan:safety education activities

kindergarten bishan:Selection of kindergarten safety education activities

kindergarten bishan:safety education activities
kindergarten bishan:safety education activities

Activity objectives:

1, through the game activities, know all kinds of appliances and functions in the kitchen.

2. Understand the harmfulness of various appliances in the kitchen and cultivate the initial self-protection awareness.

3. Self-made fruit salad through role-playing, and experience the joy of working in the kitchen.

4. Strengthen children’s safety awareness.

5. Explore and discover the diversity and characteristics of life.

Activity preparation:

1. PPT courseware (sound and pictures of items in the kitchen)

2. Video short film Happy Kitchen

3. Music “Little Chef”, chef hat, chef bib.

4. Make fruit salad products: all kinds of fruits, fruit salad dressing, disposable paper trays and spoons; Wet tissue, etc.

Activity process:

First, sound import:

1. “Can the teacher take you to visit a place today?” “Where is this?” “The teacher asked the children to listen to the wonderful sounds in the kitchen. The children should listen carefully and tell the teacher what is the sound from the kitchen?” (cutting vegetables-frying eggs-pouring water-microwave)

Second, guide children to know all kinds of appliances and functions in the kitchen 1. Play the PPT courseware “Items in the Kitchen”. “Let’s see if the sound that the children just heard comes from these items?”

2. Show pictures of the items in the kitchen (kitchen knife, cutting board, gas stove, water bottle, microwave oven) “What are they used for? Guide children to know the name and function of kitchen utensils.

3. Enjoy the complete picture of “Items in the Kitchen”. “Do you still know what’s in the kitchen?”
Teacher’s summary: There are many things in the kitchen, which are indispensable items in the kitchen and tools for everyone to eat and cook. But at the same time, the items in the kitchen are dangerous.
Third, understand the harmfulness of various appliances and know how to protect yourself.

1. watch the safety video courseware (watch in sections: cut vegetables, turn on the gas stove, pour boiled water and microwave oven) “What do you see? Guess what they are doing and saying? ”
“What things are in danger in the kitchen? Why? ”

2. “Do you know how to use these items correctly and avoid danger?” Guide children to understand the correct operation methods, and initially cultivate self-protection awareness.

3. Teacher’s summary: “Although the items in the kitchen are very dangerous, we can’t do without it at the same time. As long as we master the correct use method, it can cook delicious and nutritious meals for children; Let everyone grow up healthily and happily! ”
Fourth, children operate homemade fruit salad and experience the happiness of chefs!
End activity:

1. “Let’s be small chefs today, shall we?” Organize children to wear chef’s clothes, and play music Little Chef to lead children to rhythm together.

2. The teacher introduces the production steps, explains the hygiene requirements, etc. “Let’s go to the baby kitchen to make nutritious and delicious fruit salad” and play the music “Little Chef”, so that children can make their own fruit salad and share it!



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