How Does Tuition Help your Kid Improve his Grade?

Education has become a huge industry in Singapore as people place more importance on academic qualifications. The more affluent we are, the more opportunities we provide for our children. Being Singaporean and being Kiasu, we would naturally want to give our children an edge over others.

Parents are paying more for tuition. Some exclusive tuition centres and kids development centres charges an arm and a leg and yet people are flocking in.  However, does tuition really work? Is there still a need for extra tuition, even after a whole day’s activities in school? There is no guarantee that students’ grades will improve after tuition. In fact, tuition centres and tutors usually do not give any form of guarantee that kid’s results will improve. However, many parents still send their kids for tuition. Why?

Tuition could make a difference to a student’s grades positively, and it could also not serve a student, depending on the situation which we will not go into in this article. We are going to look at how tuition could possibility help a student improve his grades.

Customised learning

In Banyan Tree Education, we have the option to customise the learning to the student’s needs. There are some topics that a student is weaker in that may not be shared by other students. Be it a particular style of question, a particular concept, a particular topic, with ability and space to customise, it can make learning more purposeful and not going through “class” again, thus deeming the tuition ineffective.

Advanced learning

In public schools in Singapore, there are 30 students or so in a class. Teachers often have to deliver topics and clear them within a stated timeline. Sometimes concepts are rushed through without having the luxury to develop them enough.

Some tuition centres even provide a clear and well planned study timeline just slightly ahead of the schools. This enables its students to learn about topics in advance, so when they go through it in school, it will be the second time they are exposed to learning. This could be good for students who are slower to grasp concepts and need the introduction to the topics earlier.

Catering to different learning styles

Home tutors or 1 to 1 tuition provide a different kind of benefit for the students. Very often, teachers in schools are running a tight schedule and face the challenge of catering to students who require more attention and different learning styles. This is especially so for children with learning challenges. Our teachers in Banyan Tree Learning Centre are well trained to cater to different learning methods, commonly classified into Visual, Auditory, Read/Write & Kinaesthetic


With so many students, it is very hard for school teachers to focus their attention on every single student in the class. A small tuition class or a 1 on 1 tutor bridges the gap by providing the attention and guidance that these students find impossible to receive in schools.

Diversity of schools

Tutors are likely to come across students from different schools in their tutoring. This allows them to have an understanding of the different standards and practices among schools, and use it to better assist the student in learning. In small groups, students also get to learn from peers of another school.


Yes, it is real. Some students are also more likely to express their doubts and seek clarification during a one to one tutoring session, as compared to a classroom setting with thirty other classmates. One to one tutoring is thus hugely beneficial for students who find it difficult to voice their thoughts in class, and for those with low self esteem or are more introvert or soft spoken. We believe in providing an assuring environment so that a child can freely ask the questions that he might have.

In conclusion, tuition can prove to make a difference to the academic performances of a child, although of course there are exceptions. Be it in a tuition centre with a well oiled system or a one to one tuition with an superstar tutor, the child could receive opportunities to better understand a topic or clarify their doubts in a less pressurising environment.

Benefits of tuition will improve greatly if the parents show their share of support for the child. Parents should work together with their tutors to maximise the child’s potential and achieve greater success.

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