elderly day care centre in ang mo kio:Selected Works of Summer Fun Parent-child Games

elderly day care centre in ang mo kio:Selected Works of Summer Fun Parent-child Games

1. Close-up of bark How to play: Take your baby to observe all kinds of trees nearby, and carefully observe the lines of bark with a magnifying glass. Let the baby close his eyes, touch the textures of different trees with his hands, and describe them in words. Copy the lines of the bark with paper: stick the paper to the bark, and copy the lines of the bark with crayons. Copy different barks on paper and compare their textures. Be careful not to peel off the bark, so as not to expose the unprotected inner tissues of trees to the air and affect the growth of trees.

Baby’s harvest: observation and painting

elderly day care centre in ang mo kio:Selected Works of Summer Fun Parent-child Games
elderly day care centre in ang mo kio:Selected Works of Summer Fun Parent-child Games

2. Draw a shadow

How to play: Take your baby to stand on the roadside or grass on sunny days. Parents draw the outline of baby’s shadow on paper. Then let the baby pose all kinds of interesting postures and draw his outline. After painting, you can let your baby draw the shadow of the adult, and then paint the color in the outline of the shadow.

You can also take your baby outdoors and point out the shadows of trees, leaves, flowers, branches and bushes on the ground or on the wall. When the shadows are reflected on a plane, you can let your baby draw its outline on paper. Move the paper slightly, and draw the overlapping shadow. Go home, paint it again, and hang it on the wall to enjoy it.

Baby’s harvest: expanding thinking

3. Water sports How to play: Find a stream, or flowing water, and select the starting line at the upstream and the finishing line at the downstream. Put floating objects (sticks, leaves, branches, etc.) at the starting line in the water to see which objects can reach the end first. If water flows down the bridge or through the channel, throw floating objects such as sticks, leaves and branches at the entrance, and then run to the other end to wait to see which objects reach the end first. The baby will soon find out which objects drift faster in the water.

Baby’s Harvest: Observation and Thinking

4. Water gun war How to play: In hot summer, mother and baby splash each other’s bodies with water or shoot each other with water guns, which will definitely make the baby laugh for joy. There’s nothing like carrying a bucket of water in the yard and splashing water with friends.

Baby’s harvest: happy mood Tip: Play with water must be carried out under the supervision of parents. Play well with water, dry your body and put on clean clothes to avoid catching cold. Buy toys such as water guns produced by regular toy manufacturers, and they must not have sharp edges and corners, so as to prevent the baby from stabbing himself or other babies accidentally. After playing, you should tell your baby that playing with splashing water and squirting water guns requires the unification of each other, otherwise it will become a prank.

5. Look at the changes in the cloud

How to play: The cloud has various shapes, so that the baby can make various associations by observing its changes. In addition, you can also look at the lawn, rice fields, or nearby trees and flowers in the garden, and see the different changes after being blown by the wind, so that the baby can associate and speak out.

6. seesaw in water How to play:

(1) Dad (or mother) and baby stand hand in hand in the water;

(2) The two people stand and squat according to the beat, like playing on the seesaw;

(3) When squatting down, the head should be immersed in water.
Baby’s harvest: beginner swimming

Tip: Playing this game with your baby can make your baby feel stuffy.

(1) throw some items into the swimming pool;

(2) Mom and Dad compete with the baby to see who finds it first

7. Carp drills Longmen

How to play:

(1) Dad (or mother) stands upright in the water with a swimming ring, and the ring is not in the water;

(2) The baby drills or swims through the circle.

Game Description: Develop your baby’s ability to swim, suffocate water and coordinate hands and feet.

Baby’s harvest: control ability in water


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