Do you know Children’s world ?

On the long road of writing, I was like a toddler in a primary school. Slowly paced up and down, toward the holy land that my heart yearns for most.
For children who know nothing about this world, they have strength that others do not, that is, the purest thoughts and fearless courage. Dare to create with the simplest thoughts, that is, the wealth of children who seem to have nothing. I have such wealth and dare to squander it boldly. The green sky, pink leaves and transparent flowers, some things that the real world does not have, thus constitute the world in my mind very harmoniously. There is not a trace of darkness, there is only everything beautiful.

Do you know Children's world ?
Do you know Children’s world ?

Some people have said that the biggest difference between the world of adults and the world of children is the lack of original innocence and flexibility in https://Www.ZuoWEn8.Com/. The world of adults is too complicated and there are many places to be restricted. They have many things to consider and many things to worry about. It is also because of this that they always lack flexibility in doing things, follow the rules, and lock themselves in the rules. The children, perhaps the happiest angels in the world, will not be restrained by too many restrictions. They have flexible thinking and curiosity and yearning for the beautiful things in the world. Their world is the purest existence. The purest existence is also the writer’s initial yearning.
Children’s innocence is precious and their world is beautiful. At the same time, they are also heights that many writers cannot reach in their whole lives.


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