What if children are afraid of injections?

Children’s resistance is weak, so it is easy to suffer from some diseases, some diseases just need to take some medicine, but some diseases may require injections or even infusion. The vast majority of children are afraid of injections and may cry at the sight of doctors. So, what should children do if they are afraid of injections?

What if children are afraid of injections?
What if children are afraid of injections?

It is normal for children to be afraid of injections, so many parents will frighten their children with injections when their children are disobedient, which will make them more afraid of injections. Therefore, parents had better not mention the injection again and again so as not to deepen their children’s fear.
When a child needs an injection, don’t hide or deceive him, but tell him frankly. Otherwise, when the child has an injection, there will be a huge psychological gap, which will lead to fear of the injection. If we can communicate well in advance and tell the children exactly what the injection is, such as why the injection is needed and the benefits of the injection, we can make the children have a psychological preparation and can also relieve anxiety and fear.
Fear in life generally comes from not knowing or being familiar with it. If you want your child to overcome the fear of injection, you should guide him carefully. Although there will be some unfavorable situations or negative emotions in the process, your child will soon be able to adapt. At this time, parents should give rewards, which can inspire children’s courage to face fear in the future.


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