How does child often tonsillitis do?

Tonsillitis is common in children. Tonsillitis is a common disease. Because children’s immunity is weak and they are still in the stage of growth and development, tonsillitis is active and it is easy to cause inflammation. So, how do children often suffer from tonsillitis?
If children often have tonsillitis, they should take antibiotic therapy. Generally, after antibiotic therapy, inflammation can be improved, but care should be taken not to stop taking drugs or reduce the dosage after seeing the symptoms of children improve, because this will make the disease unable to completely heal and easy to relapse. Tonsillitis can recur four or five times a year if it is serious. If it is too frequent, tonsillectomy should be considered. Excision can completely eliminate latent pathogens, but the details still depend on the situation.

How does child often tonsillitis do?
How does child often tonsillitis do?

Children often suffer from tonsillitis, mostly caused by colds. Children’s colds are manifestations of low immunity, so mothers should pay attention to strengthening children’s resistance and try not to let children have the bad habit of picky eating so as to avoid unbalanced nutrition. Supplementing calcium, iron and other nutritional elements to ensure the healthy growth of children.
Daily living environment should keep more air circulation, open windows for ventilation, and let children go to crowded places less in flu season to reduce the occurrence of infection. But also pay attention to keep the children warm and add or remove clothes at the right time. The most important thing is to let children exercise more and enhance their immunity.


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