child care sengkang:Summary of safety education activities in small classes

child care sengkang:Summary of safety education activities in small classes in kindergartens

Activity objectives:

1. let children know some basic knowledge of traffic safety, know the reason why the red light stops and the green light goes.

2. Know that you should pay attention to your own safety when crossing the street, and let the children know the danger of not taking the zebra crossing.

3. Let children learn to read children’s songs, and further cultivate children’s language expression ability.

4. Cultivate children’s keen observation ability.

5. Strengthen children’s safety awareness.

child care sengkang:Summary of safety education activities in small classes
child care sengkang:Summary of safety education activities in small classes

Activity preparation:

1. Picture traffic lights and zebra crossings

2. Children’s song “Traffic Lights”

Activity process:

1. finger games, stabilize children’s emotions. “Can children hold out their little hands and play a finger game with their uncle?”

2. Talk and introduce the theme. “Do the children know how to cross the road? What should I pay attention to when crossing the street? ” (children’s discussion) 3. Show pictures to improve children’s interest. “Our children in small class are too good. Uncle will show you some pictures, ok? Do you want to see it? The children close their small eyes, and the uncle asks for the small pictures. 3,2,1, OK, open your small eyes. ”

“What is this? (Traffic lights) Have the children seen it? Did the children meet with their parents when they were on the street? ” (children’s discussion)

4. Guide children to know the traffic lights. “Small class children are great. Uncle tells children that this is a traffic light. When children go out with their parents, they can have a look. There will be a crossroads on the road.”

5. Guide children to discuss, “Our small class children are so smart, so do you know how to look at traffic lights?” (children’s discussion) 6. Explain how to cross the road safely. “How many cars do children say on the street? Is it dangerous? Therefore, children must know how to look at traffic lights. “The children should open their mouths and learn from their uncle, OK?”

“Stop at red light (show pictures red light) and walk at green light (show pictures green light).” (Teach children three times repeatedly)

7. Guide children to know the zebra crossing. “Look, children, what is this? Have you ever seen “(same as above when introducing traffic lights)?”
“Children open their mouths and read to their uncle, crossing the street to take the zebra crossing.”

8. Guide the children to learn children’s songs. “Today, the children in Class 3 performed very well. Uncle, would you like to play a children’s song? Every child has to open his mouth and read with his uncle. Come here and see which child’s voice is heard. We will send the little star to him later. ”

9. Take children to read children’s songs (guide children to read them for the first time, encourage them to read them for the second time, praise them for reading well, mention their interests and read them for the third time. )

10. Extend “What should children pay attention to when they go out with their parents?”

(Get off first and then get on the bus, hold your parents’ hands when you go to the street, and can’t climb the guardrail on the street, etc.) 11. Please say goodbye to the picture traffic lights, and the activity is over.


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