Can the baby eat dried cuttlefish?

Every baby is the apple of their parents’ eyes. Therefore, from the moment the baby was born, the parents were very attentive to all aspects of the baby’s life. Especially in terms of diet, some novice parents worry that eating the wrong things will affect the normal development of the baby. So, can the baby eat dried cuttlefish?

Can the baby eat dried cuttlefish
Can the baby eat dried cuttlefish

Baby can eat dried cuttlefish, because cuttlefish contains rich protein, while cuttlefish shell contains mucilage, cutin, calcium carbonate and a small amount of sodium chloride, magnesium salt and calcium phosphate, which all have very good promotion effect on baby’s growth and development, but it is necessary to pay attention to prevent babies with eczema from eating dried cuttlefish, because it is very sensitive.
The role of cuttlefish in promoting the growth and development of babies can be summarized as follows. First, dried cuttlefish can help baby’s brain development. DHA is a kind of polyunsaturated fat. Its main function is to make the communication between cranial nerve cells smooth, thus improving the cell vitality of the brain and enhancing the baby’s memory ability, reaction ability and learning ability.
Secondly, taurine contained in dried cuttlefish can inhibit the formation of cholesterol, thus playing the role of brightening eyes and improving baby’s eyesight. Finally, cuttlefish can relieve baby’s allergy and inflammation. This is because EPA and DHA contained in cuttlefish have the effect of inhibiting allergic reaction, thus relieving allergic symptoms.


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