What’s the matter with baby’s accessory breast?

In life, many women can find the existence of accessory milk under their armpits. The existence of accessory milk will not affect women’s body, but it will affect women’s clothing, so many women will try every means to solve it. Moreover, some women found that some children also had accessory breasts, which puzzled them very […]

Is the baby literate early?

Every parent wants their baby to win at the starting line, so many parents want their baby to learn words and recite poems earlier. Many babies who can read Chinese characters early will be called child prodigies, but some parents think it is not good for babies to read Chinese characters too early, so is […]

How old is the child to change his teeth?

Changing a child’s tooth is a process that must be experienced. However, some parents are worried that their teeth are changed too early or too late. Therefore, they all hope to know the time of changing a child’s tooth in time so as to know whether their child’s tooth change is within the normal range. […]

Can the baby eat dried cuttlefish?

Every baby is the apple of their parents’ eyes. Therefore, from the moment the baby was born, the parents were very attentive to all aspects of the baby’s life. Especially in terms of diet, some novice parents worry that eating the wrong things will affect the normal development of the baby. So, can the baby […]

Is the 2.5-year-old baby admitted early?

Many parents and friends are office workers, and there are no elderly people to help take care of the baby, so they want to let the baby into the park as soon as possible.  Some babies are only two and a half years old, and parents and friends plan to send their babies to kindergarten. […]

What fruit do children with fever eat?

Children with fever will make parents anxious and flustered. Parents also want to find some methods to help children to reduce fever. In addition to treatment with drugs, diet can also be conditioned. For example, if you eat more fruits, what fruits do children with fever eat? 1. Apple: Apple has a sweet and sour […]

What is the correct neurological development in children?

Children’s physical health has always been the most important concern of mothers. At the same time, whether children’s mental development or motor nerve French cannot be separated from children’s nervous system. Therefore, children’s nervous development is also a link that parents pay most attention to. How to judge and what is the correct one for […]

What should children do if they don’t know manners?

Parents all want their children to be kind and courteous. I believe no parent wants their children to be rude. However, if you want your children to know how to be polite, you must educate them carefully. Some children are very impolite, so parents should correct their children’s impolite behavior in time. So, what if […]

How to treat freckles of children?

Freckles are a common yellow-brown pigmentation, which often occurs in children. The most common part of the disease is the face. Freckles can also be inherited through dominant chromosomes, which has great genetic possibility. Many parents will be very worried if they find that their children have freckles on their faces, for fear that they […]

What if children are afraid of injections?

Children’s resistance is weak, so it is easy to suffer from some diseases, some diseases just need to take some medicine, but some diseases may require injections or even infusion. The vast majority of children are afraid of injections and may cry at the sight of doctors. So, what should children do if they are […]