How to Study Efficiently and Effectively

Studying can be stressful. Forcing yourself to learn, understand and memorise large amounts of new information is not an easy task. Improper study habits can make studying much more difficult and frustrating as you waste countless late hours cramming for a test. You can spend less time studying by adopting good study habits. These habits [...]

What to look out for when starting on tuition

Afraid that your child is not catching up in school? Your child is showing signs that he is not doing so well in school? If you are thinking of adding a tuition in your child's schedule, what do you look out for or bear in mind when looking for a tutor or a centre? Here [...]

How Does Tuition Help your Kid Improve his Grade?

Education has become a huge industry in Singapore as people place more importance on academic qualifications. The more affluent we are, the more opportunities we provide for our children. Being Singaporean and being Kiasu, we would naturally want to give our children an edge over others. Parents are paying more for tuition. Some exclusive tuition [...]