Can you let the baby sleep on his back?

Many parents hold their children in their arms in order to make them fall asleep faster, and even let them lie prone on themselves after falling asleep. However, many parents also have doubts in their hearts, whether it is good to let the baby sleep on his body or not, and whether it will bring harm to the child’s health, especially if sleeping on his stomach for a long time will oppress the heart. So, let the baby lie prone and sleep well?

Can you let the baby sleep on his back?
Can you let the baby sleep on his back?

Can you let the baby sleep on his back?
After 6 months, the baby can sleep on his stomach only when he is free to turn over. He can adjust his sleeping posture when he feels unwell. The baby who is too young to sleep on his stomach is more prone to accidents.
What are the benefits of baby sleeping on his stomach?
1. Improve sleep quality Foreign scientists have studied the sleeping posture of 80 healthy infants. It was found that babies sleeping on their stomach slept longer and had higher sleep quality. This may be related to the reduction of external stimuli, such as sound and light, that the body receives when sleeping on its stomach.
2, can improve the respiratory efficacy From the perspective of human physiology and anatomy, the baby’s thorax and the posterior part of the lung are relatively long, the lung is the least compressed when lying prone, and the breathing conforms to the natural law best. Some data show that when babies sleep on their stomach, their respiratory efficiency is higher, and the oxygen content of hemoglobin increases by 5%-10% compared with when babies sleep on their back. It can be seen that sleeping on the baby’s stomach has its own anatomical and physiological rationality.
3, can prevent spitting milk The volume of the infant’s stomach is very small, its curvature is not enough, and the contraction force of the cardia is weak, so it is extremely common for infants to vomit milk. The cardia is close to the middle of the stomach. When the human body is lying down, the cardia is elevated to prevent vomiting of milk. At this time, even if spitting occurs, it will not cause suffocation due to vomitus inhaling into the trachea due to face down.
Babies are too young to sleep on their bodies for a long time. Even some babies cannot sleep on their bodies because of physical reasons, such as congenital heart disease, pneumonia, phlegm when catching a cold and other diseases. They are not suitable for sleeping on their bodies, so as not to affect the baby’s health and seriously endanger life. Therefore, many parents should also attach great importance to them. In addition, sleeping on one’s stomach is risky. Sleeping on one’s stomach for a long time may cause infant asphyxia, and one must be on guard.


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